To go far, we must go together

Nothing can stop the collective heartbeat of a generation. 1969 was one of those years when the world truly came alive from the promise of change. It was expressed in the movement, the magic, and in the very idea of ​​being part of something bigger. A special time in history when people united under the banner of Woodstock, over the moon landing, and the Stonewall uprising. That solidarity and belief in humanity’s power to reshape the future is often a response to great challenges.

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History repeating. Future reshaping.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel was born from this same spirit in 1969, founded on a different approach to the industry and a commitment to respect and innovation. Over the past 50+ years, we've embraced this ethos and kept pushing boundaries. We're once again living in a time of significant change, with immense opportunities and challenges ahead. The magical vibe from those iconic past events is in the air again, urging us to act for a better future.

Is it still possible to come together and make a real difference? We believe it is – and we're dedicated to doing everything in our power to make it happen.

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The power of team Earth 

From pioneering the humane supply chain and being early adopters of organic cotton, to celebrating ten years with the Chetna community and recently introducing Regenerative Organic Certified® cotton in our product range, our company history is marked by positive revolution. Although we take pride in our accomplishments and being game changers, in the end, we are simply nature lovers working for our fellow peers. Designing and developing for a new tomorrow, we are overwhelmed by the fact that the Knowledge family only keeps on growing.

Let’s refine our knowledge and take action as a community. All in the spirit of '69.